is a German product designer. During his studies at the distinguished University of Art and Design in Offenbach in the near of Frankfurt, Germany, he not only learned to manage the executive design routines as drawing, 3D-modeling or physical model-making, he also cultivated his mind concerning the cause and effect of design objects and the appropriate expression for each new design problem. His straight and structured way of thinking and his constant and continuous ambition to improve his own abilities made him an overall experienced designer always heading for new challenges and chances to grow. During his work for several companies like Siemens or the Studio F.A. Porsche (former Porsche Design Studio), Kragenings dealt with several international clients in the premium market segment building up his own expertise in solving technical problems as well as semantic demands but also in presenting his designs in a holistically convincing manner. Besides starting his freelance design services in 2014, he is also doing a doctorate (PhD) at his university in Offenbach in order to theoretically reflect the impact of parametric instances on design and therefore the way of designing itself.

Creation, organization, communication

,Design Iteration Award 2018'

Company foundation

,toomuchjustright GmbH'

3 months research trip Shanghai, China


Adjunct professor at HfG Offenbach

Doctoral Candidate at HfG Offenbach


Diploma Degree at HfG Offenbach



Porsche Design Studio, Berlin


Porsche Design Studio, Berlin

Freelance Designer



NERD Communications, Berlin


Recieved a scholarship from the National Scholarship Program, Deutschlandstipendium



"Wöhner Innovationspreis für Industrial Design"


BSH Bosch und Siemens Household Appliances, Munich

Siemens Design Department

Pre-degree at HfG Offenbach

Begin of studies in Product Design,

Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach am Main


Internship at carpenter's shop, Koblenz, Germany

Basic Military Service (Bundeswehr, Germany)


Final secondary school examinations (Abitur)

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